Institute of Japan Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


The Institute of Japan Studies (to which staff are affiliated) was founded in 2015, and the School of Japan Studies accepted its first undergraduate students in 2019. In 2017, the Japan Studies Course (master’s degree) was created within the Graduate School of Global Studies, followed two years later by the beginning of the Japan Studies Course doctoral program. The capacity of the School of Japan Studies is 75 students per year, of whom 45 are Japanese and 30 are international students. There are 32 members of faculty. Students learn about Japanese politics, economics, society, history, literature, culture and language from the perspective of Japan as one of the regions of the world. Furthermore, the educational aim is for students to study in depth in an academic discipline and become a specialist in their field. In the Institute of Japan Studies there are also the CAAS Unit and NINJAL Unit. The Consortium for Asian and African Studies (CAAS) Unit promotes academic collaboration with scholars of the culture and cultural anthropology of the Asian and African regions. Visiting scholars teach classes in the graduate school. NINJAL is the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics.NINJAL Unit visiting scholars also teach in the graduate school.