Faculty of Language Studies, Teikyo University


Teikyo University, which employs “Jibunryu” as its educational philosophy, seeks to develop global talents with humanistic worldviews for the benefit of society. The Faculty of Language Studies, established in 2007, now consists of two departments: the Department of Language Studies and the Department of Global Japanese Studies, both of which aim to foster international human resources. The former, which consists of six language courses—English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean—was joined by the latter in 2022. This newly established department, called the Department of Global Japanese Studies, approaches Japan from a global context, seeking to contribute to the construction of diverse and inclusive societies in Japan and abroad through education and research.
The department is unique in that one-third of its 150 students each year are from abroad. Cross-cultural communication and collaborative learning are the hallmarks of education in the department. Classes are bilingual and cover five areas of study: "Society, Economy, Industry, and Technology," "Language, Literature, and the Arts," "Religion, Thought, and History," "Life and Culture," and "International Society," with the goal of providing students with a comprehensive understanding of how Japan is perceived from the outside.
Through the above-mentioned educational and research focuses, the Department of Global Japanese Studies aims to cultivate global citizens capable of introducing Japanese culture to the world and of coping with the current issues encountered by a globalizing society.