Global Japanese Studies Education and Research Incubator, Osaka University

大阪大学 グローバル日本学教育研究拠点大阪大学 グローバル日本学教育研究拠点

The Global Japanese Studies Education and Research Incubator (グローバル日本学教育研究拠点, GJS-ERI), established at Osaka University on December 1, 2020, aims to generate new advances in research and education by integrating the benefits of work done in both the humanities and social science disciplines.
In terms of research, GJS-ERI serves as an international and interdisciplinary platform for the exchange of advanced academic dialogue relating to the study of Japan. The research efforts of the Incubator are geared towards creating an environment conducive to the development of Global Japanese Studies and to the effective dissemination of research results from Japan to the global academic community.
Further, GJS-ERI endeavors to translate its research results into valuable interdisciplinary and society-oriented educational programs. For students in all fields, including the natural sciences, a broad understanding of culture and society is useful when considering the practical applications of research results. Therefore, the Incubator aims to create educational programs that incorporate the study of Japan as part of an essential foundation for the training of global talent.