Office of International Affairs, Meijo University

名城大学 国際化推進センター名城大学 国際化推進センター

Leveraging our strengths as a comprehensive university, we strive to foster graduates with a global mindset who also possess extensive expertise and substantial diversity. By doing so, we aim to contribute to not only the internationalization of this region but also of the international community. As we look ahead to the university's centennial anniversary in 2026, here at the Office of International Affairs, we play a focal role in assisting our students to study abroad as well as orchestrating the internationalization of our campuses. We also aim to foster students' global perspective by honing their communication capabilities and intercultural understanding. Through subjects such as "International Japanese Studies" which have been especially created for our exchange students, we provide a unique environment to learn about Japan's place in the world through its history, politics, and cultural arts. Developing world-class educational programs in cooperation with all of our Faculties and Graduate Schools, we actively seek to exchange capable and talented human resources, while simultaneously aspiring to globalize higher education and aiming to be a hub of internationalization to our local as well as worldwide communities.