Graduate School of Humanities, Kyushu University

九州大学大学院 人文科学府九州大学大学院 人文科学府

The Graduate School of Humanities, Kyushu University started in 2000, reorganized from the Division of Letters Graduate School, which was established in 1953 as an addition to the Faculty of Letters (Undergraduate School). Our Graduate School consists of three departments: Philosophy, History and Geography, Language and Literature, with eighteen specialties and two programs under them. The Department of Philosophy has five specialties: Philosophy, Ethics, Indian Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Art Studies, and it also has The International Master’s Program and The International Doctorate in Japanese Humanities, in both of which students can obtain credits only taking classes given in English. The Department of History and Geography has seven specialties: Japanese History, East Asian History, Korean History, Archaeology, Occidental History, History of Islamic Civilization, Geography. The Department of Language and Literature has six specialties: Japanese Linguistics and Literature, Chinese Literature, English Linguistics and Literature, German Literature, French Literature, Linguistics. Carrying on the tradition from the time when it was an imperial university, and meeting the demands of new eras, our Graduate School, as the key research institution for the humanities in the western part of Japan, has been producing abundant research results and sending out to the world variegated, able graduates.